Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Book of Lists

I was just feeling tremendously creative and took out a little blank book to write things down. Rob got me this book four years ago, from The Dressing Room in Chicago:

Isn't it cute? I loved that store. Sigh...

I quickly dubbed this book my book of lists. I had a lot of them apparently.

Of course my biggest list was my beloved resolutions. 2008 meant 108 resolutions.

This apparently was the year that I stopped completing my resolutions. (Note the few checks on the page.)

This is my favorite one, so easy to do but I never did: 4. Visit the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). Perhaps the whole "open-mindedly" caveat drove me away from attempting it.

As I started looking through the book, I got sucked in. Evaluating how my life has changed over the past few years. What I wanted then, what was my primary focus, etc...

And then I got to my most recent page:

Yup, I would say things have changed a bit and it definitely seems "focus" is not a common word around here!

I think I shall resurrect the Book of Lists. And maybe my nice, neat, focused earlier pages will serve as inspiration. I hope!

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