Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It really doesn't get any better than this? We're celebrating the 4th down at "Kopeka", my family's cottage on the lake. As Maddie and I went to buy corn and cherries, this is what we see: a quintessential farm complete with silo and corn field. And down the road windmills (so happy about that!)

This is the view at our back:

Kopeka-- with the biggest expanse of God's great water right out our back door. Could we be an luckier?

Of course, Rob and are daydreaming about this:

Can you even see that? It's our neighbor's floating pier/water trampoline. Where can we get such a thing. Maybe we should star being nice to those neighbors (though they are bent on global domination).

Maddie's enjoying a snooze with lake breezes and after that its time for our family fiesta. Pictures tomorrow, I hope. Happy 4th of July!

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