Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Remember how I firmly believe in the jinx? Talk about your kid's good sleeping habits, and... Bam! Your kid stops sleeping.

Well, the same thing goes for technology. Tell someone you love your computer and... Bam!

Or in my case, no bam. I am living in a technology dark zone. After telling my friend how amazed I was that my old computer is still working so well, I apparently knocked over the first domino in a long chain.

Maddie and I were playing online, I set the computer down and no more Internet. I thought it was just our Ethernet wire, but alas it is the port. (Did you know it's really bad to have an Ethernet wire plugged into a laptop when it's not on a stable surface? It is. Don't do that.). Sadly the port is part of the logic board. And that is tech-speak for "Ca-Ching."

I really shouldn't complain because at least I have a choice on this repair: a) spend $600-800 on a new logic board; b) buy a new laptop $900-1100; c) buy an iPad (rob's choice)* $400 or d) get a wireless router, because our airport still works $20. Hooray for option d!

Of course, we already own a wireless router. Which stopped working two days after our Ethernet port broke. Go figure.

THEN my email got hacked. And I couldn't fix it because my email supplier had so many customer help issues their system wasn't working and so many calls that I couldn't get through to them. Fixed that yesterday.

And I decided to upload my 1,634 photos from my phone to my laptop and guess what? My hard drive is full. Funny thing about taking 1000 photos -- it takes up a lot of storage room and I should really back those up. Guess I need an external hard drive, too.

Luckily, I was able to transfer 1534 photos over, so my phone is now speedy like a tortoise. No seriously, as in I'm typing this blog blind because I can type faster than my phone can display the words. Because I need an upgrade.

A million computer geeks just cried after reading this blog. I'm quite sure I'm their worst nightmare. Just imagine if they saw the jelly fingerprints on my keyboard.

*Maddie's choice is also to get an iPad. When we went to the Apple store for our check-up Maddie got to sit at the kids table and play. She came up to me, saying, "Mom, come see these iPads!" I don't think iPad is really a word she hears a lot around her, unless Rob has been training her for his birthday. But she does now walk around saying, "Mom, I want to use the iPad." Thanks, Apple, for inspiring future generations.

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