Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Promise to Relax

My plan this summer was really just to relax and enjoy more moments like this:

And this:

(yes, that's Maddie turning in mid run/jump to look at a boy who was calling for her at the playground. She's in demand!)

I just spent a lovely evening talking with Rob while watching Maddie play in our backyard at the lake. We talked about how we wanted to go low-tech this summer. I pledged that I was blogging less to sink into the moment instead of trying to capture it.

No sooner did that discussion happen than I started thinking of things I wanted to post on my blog and summer projects that I wanted to do with Maddie (what can I say, I'm a Gemini!) So there will be blog posts this summer. Don't worry, oh loyal reader (Hi, Mom!)

I do intend to relax a little bit, but maybe not right away. It seems I have some recovery to deal with after the end of the school year. As things stand now:

  • I haven't gone grocery shopping in 7 weeks. I mean I've been to Wegmans (or as my iPhone likes to call it Wetlands), but I haven't done a real meal-planning, pantry-filling trip in a long time.
  • There are stickers stomped into my rug and dust bunnies colonizing my hallway.
  • Technology has revolted against me. My iPhone is slowing down, my Internet stopped working and my laptop just showed me an icon that looked like a hard drive icon when I tried to restart it. I'm no IT expert, but I think that's techno for "Armageddon is coming." (Funny thing, do you know where Armageddon comes from? It's derived from Megiddo which was one of the cities attacked by the Egyptians around the time of the Battle of Kadesh.)

    Anyway, I like to picture a relaxing summer as me sipping iced coffee in a lawn chair while my house is being cleaned by Tinkerbell. (This may be a future possibility as Maddie makes her bed by sprinkling it with pixie dust that she apparently stores in her underwear.) At the very least, it seems I need to be organized enough to make things run smoothly while I do relax. Maybe that's what Spring Cleaning is for. Hmmm, I should remember that next year.

    So I'm revising my pledge (it's ok, Rob doesn't read my blog so there's no accountability). I pledge to relax this summer while trying to devise sort cuts for keeping my life running smoothly. And I promise to share that with you all (heh, all 3 of you).

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