Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guess Who's 3!

That's right, this girl! Yesterday was Maddie's birthday and we had a great day. Both Rob and I had off so we could spend time with our little girl. I knew I wanted to make the day special for her because it was the first time that she really knew what a birthday was (afterall she's had one a week for three weeks now!) and was counting down to it.

What exactly makes a day special to Maddie, well that was easy!

We all know Maddie is a shopaholic... and maybe so is her mom. I was at Party City when I started picking up little Disney Princess favors that were only a dollar or so. That's when I remembered this idea to give one present an hour. Between the little gifts and the ones that Rob and I had already gotten her we were all set.

Maddie's first present of the day was a simple pink felt wallet that I made that was filled with 20 $1 bills -- because we all know that my Maddie would like nothing more than to go "Shopping Target" or "Shopping Wegmans" and buy princess books.

And this would be the anatomy of a perfect day for Maddie. She got to open a birthday present with breakfast. Then we headed out to "Shopping Barnes and Noble" where she bought a Princess book. Then we went to "Shopping Target" where she bought a Princess phone (and proceeded to text in the car! Gasp!) Then we went to the mall so she could drive with Stuart Little and get a cookie. We took a few gifts with us to open along the way. By noon, she had crashed.

We spent the afternoon playing with her real gift... which will be posted in a future post (because my computer is driving me crazy tonight!)

After dinner at the "Olibe Garden", we went to see Maddie's Great Grandma and had some cake. Hmmm, can she picked what kind? I don't think she actually ate any cake, just picked off the "yummy M's".

I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself. However she has pretty much tried to use "It's my birthday" to get out of everything today. I kind of don't have the heart to say it's not, because she's just so darn cute.

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Literary Auntie said...

Aw, that is precious! Happy (belated) birthday to Maddie!