Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Birthday Party Fit For A Princess

We threw Maddie a princess-themed birthday party on Saturday complete with all the (pink) trimmings. Maddie took it all in stride.

I really like throwing parties and I just love that moment when a child sees something truly special, just for them. So maybe I enjoy theme parties a little bit more than the average person. And admittedly there's usually one moment in the week before the party that I think, "Hmmm, maybe I should just have a cake and forget all this?" But then I start decorating and it all just makes the moment so right.

This year, Maddie had requested a princess party, but I knew that it had to be a little more than just the princess aisle at Party City. And we weren't throwing your usual kids party -- just family with Maddie being the only kid present at this event. So I tried to make things as kid-friendly for Maddie while still including all of our adult guests.

There was a coloring station. And a castle cake (made by Grandma. Thank you, Mom!) and balloon chandelier. And crown jewels for the princess. I covered the coffee and dining room tables with huge princess coloring pages that Maddie had once begged for and then never used (and then asked for the day after the party).

Lots of balloons!

Maddie loves her new purse that she can color all over with special markers.

And of course what would a kid's party be without games? Because we don't really have kids at our parties, I try to do games that are fun for the adults -- like this one which involved finding photos of Maddie which were peppered throughout the apartment (and especially on our bookcase which displayed Maddie's baby books and photos). And I also had a game or two that was more suited just for Maddie -- like finding the glass slipper (which turned out to be in her play kitchen oven.)

My favorite party thing was the guest book. I've done something like this every year for Maddie's party. Last year at her Tinkerbell party, I asked guests for "Happy Thoughts." The year before, I wrote out Maddie's first and middle names and asked guests to write an adjective for Maddie starting with each letter. I save these for her scrapbook. This year I asked guest to write a birthday wish. We got some really awesome princessy wishes.

As for Maddie's birthday wish? I think she wants to be a princess.

Or a doctor. Or a Doctor Princess. Or a Princess Doctor.

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