Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's my party...

Today is my birthday, and I've had a lovely day full of moments like this:

I am a little nervous that the rumbling thunder I hear in the distance may ruin my sleep, but still a great day.

Yesterday however was Maddie's birthday party (though her actual second birthday is next week). We had a Tinkerbell themed party here at the cottage. Here are a few party details:

Of course, the party took place in Pixie Hollow.

Glass charms, labeled by fairy type.

Flowers created by the garden fairies.

The happy thought jar (yes, my brother tipped Maddie a dollar).

Pixie sticks, gummy butterflies and favor bags for fairies of all types.

Cupcakes dusted with pixie dust.

And a few great moments:

The birthday fairy rests up before the party.

Maddie takes a moment to chill.

My niece Annie, her dad, Maddie, and Dada throw rocks at the beach.

Birthday cake at the picnic table. (we had high tea!)

Maddie mostly loved the frosting.

Mads tries out her new laptop.

A hug for Ma.

Guests at the party in front of butterflies that the fairies painted.

Uncle Jim learns to use a computer.


Anonymous said...

can you put the Uncle Jim pic on facebook to share with the world, Ali? Who was the fat woman in the rocker? lol

Katie said...

It was a wonderful party! I'm sure Maddie was e-mailing all of her friends afterwards to tell them how amazing it was!