Sunday, May 22, 2011

Popular... I know about Popular

First of all...

Let's go Cubs.

Secondly, I just saw Wicked for the first time and loved it. While watching it, I kept thinking of how awful it is that kids pick on whoever is different... And how awful it is when it's your child.

That's right, Maddie got picked on at the playground the other day. Two little girls played "stay away from the baby (Maddie)!" Maddie was bewildered but I wanted to cry. Then she was all like "Whatever."

Not two minutes later she went up to a different girl and joyfully screamed in her face, expecting her to scream back like her cousin Annie does. But the little girl got scared and ran crying to her mommy. Maddie felt so bad that she started crying!

Don't worry things have gotten better. Today she had two big kids who were doting on her.

I know I had promised some playground pictures, but something went wrong with my computer and they're in the ether. Hopefully I'll post them soon.

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