Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's almost my birthday!

Yes, May has begun and let the countdown begin as well. Only 26 more days until my birthday! This year there are a lots of little fun things that I've really been wanting to buy for myself, but just have put off. So I'm putting together a little wishlist (ROB!)

Bangles and Cocktail Rings:

I am totally crushing on these two bangle bracelets from Esprit -- bracelets and rings seem to be the only things that I can wear without having to worry that they will remain intact. I'd love a huge flower cocktail ring like this one, but really any bold ring or bracelet would totally perk up my wardrobe.

Artificial Chinese Lanterns:

This is a little bit of my search for the white elephant. I have been wanting some artificial chinese lanterns (and a nice sturdy vase like the one in this picture!) for a long time and haven't been able to find any.

Photo Storage:

Part of my ongoing photo organization project... And it turns out that Maddie's photos may be too plentiful to go in just an album, so I'd love some of these photo boxes in orange, red or brown. I've always wanted to start a great big family album. I need lots of Kolo 11x14 refill pages in soft white for Maddie's scrapbook and our wedding scrapbook (oops... only 5 years late!)

Home Details (and Storage):

There are always the little things that just would help polish things up a bit. I'm in love with baskets because I can hide all Maddie's toys in it and would love a matching set of simple, plain baskets. I love this tray for my dresser to corral all my stuff (and match my bold colored stripey theme!). Not only do I need a jewelry holder but this one matches the recurring tree theme that seems to pop up throughout my house. All of these items I found through Target, but anything works, right?

Kitchen Needs:

I've now learned that when you see a silverfish, you should not throw up your hands and scream for your husband to "Kill it! Kill it now!" Coincidently, I'm looking for a good set of everyday dishes that are easily replaceable, easy to match and most importantly dishwasher-safe. I also could really use a nice sharp cutting knife or even a knife set.

The list could go on, but that seems to be the way my heart is headed right now!

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Katie said...

Yep, I love this post. We all know there is nothing wrong with detailing your wish list on the 'ol blog. It's quite beneficial, really.