Saturday, June 11, 2011

Princess is 2!

Maddie is now officially two years old!

And here's how she spent her official birthday:

We got Maddie a whole ton of stickers... And she began putting them on the couch.

Had the day ended there, I think it still would have been the best day of life.

We had cake at GG's. Maddie expertly blew out the candles on the second line of Happy Birthday.

She ate lots of frosting.

She dipped the Tinkerbell cake topper in the cake repeatedly and then licked frosting off her legs.

Maddie's gift from Mommy and Daddy: a play kitchen.

And as a side note, Maddie discovered "preencise" (aka Cinderella).

She likes to dance now. And she really likes to dip!

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