Monday, June 20, 2011

Catching Up

This June has been pretty darn hectic! We ended May with some birthday celebrations. Then we started June with more birthday celebrations. Plus lots of work for me (graduation festivities!) and lots of work for Rob (warm weather = cold brew!)

Then last week was the culmination of one year of work for me -- a special event that I organized, planned and sweated over. And I was honored to be able to bring La Madeleine with me. While I never got any pictures of her there, I did grab this one after in her adorable dress:

She loves being in pictures-- and taking them:

Then surprise! My new nephew made an early appearance:

Rob and I had some crazy hours this week and then lo and behold, we all had this one day to our selves. We went to a yard sale this am and stopped at Sweetness (very cute newish coffeehouse near the zoo). Then after nap time, we all went shopping. Mommy plumped up her summer wardrobe and is so happy right now!

Then Maddie decided I looked like this gypsy accordion player on Rob's cellphone app -- so we listened to that song about 50 times.

With that I would now like to announce that it is officially summer. And though I work during the summer, I am blissfully happy doing so. Productivity makes me very, very happy...

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