Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This year started off really muddled for me and I have really been dragging. I've blogged about this here and there over the past year, so bear with me if I am repeating myself. It has just seemed that every single day I feel two steps behind and am drowning in a mountain of paperwork and just really mundane tasks.

Well guess what: It's summer. And that means my workload just got a whole lot lighter. I feel like there is a whole world of possibility in front of me. I am still amazingly busy, but somehow I have much more energy to deal with it. Let 2011 begin. It is 2011 right?

As my mind winds down for a leisurely summer, my creative side is kicking up its heels. [Is that the key?? Think less, create more? I feel like my mentor, Julie, would be screaming "Yes!" right now.] I'm mentally redecorating the cottage (since that's where I'm sitting right now). I'm also planning decorations for a family reunion. And I'm itching to craft a few 4th of July items since I'm hosting tomorrow's festivity. (More on that later!)

I've even start pinning on Pinterest which I was a little hesitant to do. I'm not overly designy or crafty so Pinterest seemed over my head, but now I'm kind of hooked. It's like a moleskin for my mind.

Besides I think I'll make it my summer goal to get a bit more crafty. And techy.

Plus, Maddie and I already did some crafting today...

This was the end product.

Oh and this too:

Maddie haggles with a prospective collector:

Then she takes a nap.

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