Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Things I love:

1. When I wake up to see Maddie peaking over the bed squealing "Mom-Mom".
2. Maddie's crazy run down the hall, almost missing the door, breathlessly exclaiming "Dada...Dada".
3. The Tourist is actually a pretty good movie. Just sayin'.
4. Waking up to a clean house that has not been struck by lightning.
5. Work during the summer (Woot-Woot!)
6. When Maddie sits like this:

Things I do not love:
1. Every Wednesday, Rob "let's me sleep in until 7." every Wednesday, Rob starts the coffee maker at 6:15 am and blows a fuse because he didn't turn off out AC first, thereby waking me up before I usually wake up anyway.
2. Trying to sew a simple beanbag on my sewing machine and finding out that my bobbin is jacked.

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