Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Activity Hour

Today is my home day (though today I have to work all afternoon, boo!) Usually I try to get Maddie interested in a project so I can clean the house. Here's what we did this morning (kind of like a day in the life... But this was literally an hour):

1. Money Laundering:

For any of you mommies or future mommies out there, this is an awesome toddler activity. I started out with a coke bottle mostly filled with water and had Maddie drop pennies in to make the water overflow (in the confines of that big blue bucket you see.) she then chose to pour everything out into the bucket. So next I filled the bottle half full and added a drop of dish soap (we use hypoallergenic soap, so no worries). Put the top on and you've got a instant bubblemaker. Take the top off and you've got a bubble volcano.

Maddie also loved fishing for coins in the bubbly water!

2. Storytime!

Maddie likes to sit in her rocker and look at every book in her book basket before throwing it on the floor.

3. Stickers in a Box

Ok this one I don't get:

We have a box of stickers and today Maddie had to empty it out and stand in it while playing with stickers. And after placing each sticker, she would run in place.

Guess it's time to start the day and get out of our jammies!

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