Friday, March 30, 2012

March Play Project

It technically is still March, so this counts as fulfilling my resolution to post a play project on a monthly basis (and more importantly to make a play project on a monthly basis!). Back in January I had posted about all of the fruits and veggies I made for her Farmer's Market. I found that I liked doing that a lot and had a few ideas for some more. So this month's craft project (and maybe last month's too was this:

A Sweet Shop! Complete with velcro-attached signage that fits to her carriage/house.

With cupcakes -- and toppings that she can put on and switch around.

Pie, here shown with strawberries, but you could also do apples.

See? See my pie?

And cake, which I apparently forgot to take a picture of, but which Maddie really likes! So far Maddie's most interested in just transporting her sweets inside her carriage. I think she's closing up shop. I have high hopes that she'll serve me some treats soon!

I don't have patterns for these as I mostly just played until I got it right, but if you would like some patterns email me at alexkogler2003 at aol dot com. I can put something together for you.

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Literary Auntie said...

You are a CRAZY PERSON, and I love it! She looks like she's having an awful lot of fun.