Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meteorologist Training

My Mom came up with this little idea for Maddie to learn about the weather. Given my love of charts, I must say I'm a pretty big fan.

My Mom made Maddie a calendar for the month of March on a smallish piece of posterboard and stuck it up in our living room window. She made a key on top with a yellow circle for sun, pink stars for snow (huh, no pink on that calendar), blue dots for rain, and little grey clouds for clouds (bet you saw that coming.)

Now we have Maddie stand on her stool in the window and look out to check the weather. Then she grabs her markers and colors in that days square. Of course, because Maddie is an arty type she has taken more to just picking a color of the day and coloring in the whole square. Which all started when we didn't have a symbol for windy.

The original idea was that we could look back at the month and talk about how many sunny days we had or rainy days -- and even do some counting. We'll be counting up how many different colors we used. And how Maddie must have sixth sense and can predict the weather weeks ahead of time.

It's a cool concept and something that we might try again in a little bit when she's more interested in anything other than coloring.

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