Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Off to Market

As I mentioned here, this Christmas Maddie got some food to play with -- but that was just part of the bigger picture. Here's what she really got for Christmas:

A Farmer's Market Stand.

Again, I was inspired by more expensive toys. This farmer's market is available at Amazon:

I did also dream a little bit about this:

But hello, we live in an apartment. And we're not rich (or German to read the instructions on how to do this.)

Luckily things sort of came together for us. I was at Michael's and found these vegetable crates on clearance for $7 (score!) and I have an awesome brother who does wood working. So I sent him this picture and he built me a far superior scale which Maddie now uses to weigh her stickers (another gift from Santa). She does love the whole stand area and plays over there all the time. But I have a feeling it will develop even more. Those milk bottles may be the next future craft... we shall see.

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Net Ghost said...

Alex, Jim saw the photo and noticed that the base for the scale is upside-down. :) Glad Maddie is having fun with it though! :)