Saturday, January 7, 2012


This year I made 12 resolutions (because it's 2012, get it?) I'm a big fan of resolutions and I think the real key is to pick things that have been weighing heavily on your mind already. My resolutions are never things that are ritualistic but more characteristic. For example, this year I'm going to work on patience... Because I'm going to need it.

I never really good identify if I was an overly patient person or not, but with a two-year-old, I'm realizing that I'm not. So I'm working on being slow to anger, being calm and forgetting that feeling of rush, and most importantly, no snap decisions on discipline. I'm totally Phil and Claire Dunphy and Set a limit without realizing that of course I'm going to have to enforce it. (Anybody see the Modern Family where they took away Christmas?)

Anyway... Back to topic. While I'm not sharing all of my resolutions here (uh, you'd be bored, really) I am going to share one that will appear on this blog.
For lack of a better way to say this, my resolution is to do more educational activities for Maddie.

That involves two things:

I'm planning to create a monthly activity for Maddie that will help us get through the winter, but hopefully will continue on throughout the year. Each month I'll be crafting a larger-scale toy that Maddie can play with that will help with the long days indoors. Of course, I'll post pictures and details here so stay tuned.

And I just totally forgot the second thing. No joke. We're off to a good start here. Ok... to be continued...

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