Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big Kid!

Guess who's in a big kid bed now!

Um... and she's a lot happier about it than she looks in this picture. Silly Mommy didn't have her camera on her moments before when Maddie was laying on her stomach reading a book just like a big kid. This was the reaction she gave me when I asked her to do it again for the camera.

I've been talking this up to Maddie for a while and she sat and watched me take apart her crib to make this toddler bed. She was so excited she jumped on her new bed for quite a while. But at bedtime I could tell she was a little anxious. It reminded me of oh so many nights when I was a kid and a teen and I went to bed after just having moved around my room. I remember feeling anxious about the new layout or just slightly ill at ease. I have a feeling that Maddie is like me and may not be so good with change.

And it also reminded me that since I moved to this apart almost 3 years ago, I have never once moved around my furniture. I grew up in a house where we always moved furniture. And by we, I mean my Mom (a.k.a. the Mad Mover). Mom shifted around the furniture in every room at least once a year, I swear. I always loved to rearrange my room.

Somehow I just don't do that anymore. Somehow I get a set idea of where furniture should go when I move into a place and I never really try a new layout. My bedroom is looking a little shabby -- maybe I should give it a go!

Back to the subject at hand... Maddie's big kid bed is just one of several "big kid milestones" that we're facing over the next few months. Keep your fingers crossed for me and here's hoping my new year's resolution doesn't go out like the wind.

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Katie said...

Oh my god, so mom moved furniture regularly too! Gee, you can't tell they're related!? Sort of like their love for scotch. And what's funny, is that I don't care for moving my couch or even the smell of scotch!