Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Healthy Lunch Salad

I'm kind of known in my office for having really unusual, healthy lunches. I've always been really picky about lunches but one thing I love is a whole grain salad. I try to do really simple things that don't take a lot of prep work and that can last most of the week, so that I am only making lunch once.

This salad is super simple to make and gets great reviews amongst my co-workers:

Quinoa Grape Salad

This is just red quinoa, a bunch of grapes, crumbled feta cheese and walnuts, tossed with a bit of lemon juice. A note about quinoa -- quinoa is awesome though I know it can be a bit intimidating to newbies. The secret is that you have to salt the water as you boil it. This salad I made with a package of red quinoa that my local grocery, Wegmans, sells. I doubt that most places have this, but regular quinoa works the exact same. I cook it according to the package and after it's cooked, toss in a bit of lemon juice. Then I let it cook to room temperature and add in the feta, grapes and walnuts. Second secret, I use Emerald Dry Roast Walnuts which are coated in some sort of liquid crack. They're seriously awesome.

The one package of red quinoa makes enough for about three to four lunches for me. Super easy and super delicious. Enjoy!

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