Monday, January 16, 2012


As always, this winter I have a little bit of wanderlust. The other day, my husband and I were discussing how our future vacations may be a little dicey. He's recently figured out that bright sun is his migraine trigger and I am a beach person. This apparently was news to him, probably because we've never been to a beach together.

I've always secretly fantasized about going to exotic locales, mostly archaeological but just never had a chance. I've been very lucky to be able to travel, but just not to these places. Here's my list:

Tahiti or Fiji: if I'm going to go and sit on an airplane for a while, I need to spend double that time in a bungalow over the water.

Manchu Pichu: one of my friends is going there on her honeymoon this year and listening to her training schedule is a bit daunting. I'm feeling my timeline running shorter on this one!

Tikal, Copan, Palenque, or pretty much any Middle American site: I have always been fascinated by stories of expedition crews trekking through the jungle and "oops, there's a temple!" My plan is to close my eyes and pretend for one minute...

Ankgor Wat: I hear it's swarming with tourists, but I have a fascination with this site in Cambodia. For some reason, I really want to do yoga here-- I always have.

Egypt: this is a must-see for someone who grew up watching Ten Commandments. My ideal would be a trip with my best friend who shared my love of Egypt to the point of taking a hellish Egyptology class on college (and studied with me by watching the Mummy).

China: there's a part of me that very much wants to travel the Silk Road and see the cave paintings of the Han dynasty.

Chitchen Itza: Nearby Acapulco wouldn't be so bad either, but I really want to see those stepped pyramids.

Part of the reason I don't go to these places is that I spend equal time daydreaming about places I've already been to. I would love for my next vacation to be Hawaii or Greece. I'm also getting a hankering to try Switzerland or England. Sadly, I think we're going to none of these places anytime soon, but there's always time to dream.

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