Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Technology is my Frenemy

My Mom was listening to NPR the other day and heard a segment on people searching for jobs that had an interview with some company-exec about what he looks for in job candidates. Hopefully, people don't look for writers that do not use 20 prepositional phrases per sentence, because clearly I would never have another job again based on that opening sentence. What he did say was that he disqualifies any candidates who have an email address because it shows they are behind the times. Wha?? Yes, I realize my aol address is old, in fact it even has the year I started it in the address (talk about dating myself!) but there's a reason I haven't changed it -- and that reason is based on intelligence and convenience not lack of tech knowledge. Why would I change an email address? So that all my contacts loose touch with me and have can't send me emails? Whatever stupid employers.

Meanwhile this guy also says he checks Facebook and blogs of potential employees. There's no real surprise there -- and I feel pretty safe with both technical elements. I don't feel that I post anything sensational to either sites, in fact I'm a pretty un-sensational person (though fabulous in nature.) But I am of course reminded of my friend who told me of a potential employee who listed her blog ON HER RESUME, despite having some questionable material posted. This gives me hope that my job searching efforts will meet with some success.

Yes, the very topic of this blog does suggest that I will be returning to work. I am thinking and planning and searching, but my favorite thoughts do pertain to this job:

Meanwhile, enjoy my forays into the tech world which include lots of facebooking and blogging (mostly including one-handed typing while holding a sleeping baby), as well as regular photo posting on flickr!


Sarah K said...

ah...the medici chair...i mean.."cute baby!"

the first time i heard "hotmail" i felt dirty. i still feel odd about it. it makes no sense to me. "here's a steaming cup of oh never mind".

i know employers check out facebook and blogs, but come on! if we can't get crazy with the cheeze whiz, life will be boring!

Literary Auntie said...

I gotta agree with the above Sarah.

Net Ghost said...

And what is the "cool" e-mail address to have? Gmail? Hotmail? That sounds so petty - you don't want to work for someone who evaluates new hires based on their e-mail address. :)