Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rob Says: Challenge Accepted

It seems that a challenge was issued in the comments of my last post. Rob has decided to accept this challenge:

Success! And this one even has claws.

However this one was a little more challenging.

Rob's comments at the end of this second mission was "We need bigger diapers." My response: "No, we need smaller cats."


Net Ghost said...

I see you used the "size 1" diapers. I guess the size N diapers didn't fit? After all, size N is for babies/cats up to 10 pounds. :)

A Fuss said...

How is it possible that you can identify diaper size by photo?

Net Ghost said...

Don't you know that I'm a connoisseur of Pampers diapers? :)

The pictures of the Sesame Street characters are different and larger on the size 1. That and I've changed way too many diapers already. :)

Sarah K said...

i hope those poor babies got treats after that torture :P they're in for a big surprise, soon!!