Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scheduling Conflicts

Boy oh boy did I mess up Maddie's schedule today. I'm one of those lucky people who have had a baby that is pretty much born on schedule and goes along with the flow with very little fussing or crying (though we have decided to call her Fussy in keeping with the family tradition: Grandpa Fuzzy, Dad = Fuzzy Jr. and now Fussy). After we bumped her up to more formula per bottle, we got to extend the joy of her goodness with a perfect night: 12 am feeding, 4 am feeding, 8 am feeding. That is so ideal!

But then this morning, Maddie fell asleep during her bottle and only took an ounce or two. And I let her sleep. Which means that she woke up about an hour later hungry. So I gave her another ounce or two before she fell asleep again. Now I'm waiting for her to wake up again to see how much she will take. Let's hope this doesn't mean that I'm in for a day and night of off and on sleep. Of course, tonight is Rob's night so really I don't need to worry about anything;)


Literary Auntie said...

What were you supposed to do, pinch her? Well, I hope she sticks to the schedule!

Did you get my party invite? I am having a party on Saturday at 7, and you and Rob are invited... and you can bring the baby if you want!

Sarah K said...

my friend's (SARAH D) baby was doing that. i'll ask what they did and get back to you...