Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sleepless night

So, I had a rocky night -- not Maddie, no I think she did really well. Yesterday Rob was able to nap a bit and caught up on some sleep so he took the night shift. Staying up until about 1 or 2 am and then getting up around 4 -5 am. He's so cute the way that he turns off the monitor in the bedroom and stays out in the living room to make sure that I can sleep! He's taking such good care of me! And Maddie too!

But I keep sleeping so lightly because I am now in a constant state of worry. Is she ok? What if she stops breathing? What if the monitor isn't working and we didn't hear her needing something? Oh, the joys. Then I must have fallen asleep pretty deeply because the monitor was on and I incorporated her cry into my dream, woke up thinking "hmmm, what was that sound?"

At any rate, I woke up early this morning just because I want to see her! But it's a little mean to just go in and wake her up for my selfish purposes. So I'm waiting patiently for her to wake up.


Net Ghost said...

The sounds that a baby makes in the night are so odd ... and those sounds will often be followed by complete silence, which often freaks me out too.

Literary Auntie said...

So nice of you to be polite to your sleeping baby!