Saturday, February 2, 2013

Countdown to Valentines

Maddie is pretty excited about Valentine's Day. Of course, she's pretty excited about any holiday. Starting yesterday, she has been wishing us "Happy Valentine's Day!" at least five times a day.

So decorations are definitely necessary. I started out with a simple sewing project for her.

Felt hearts, made of two sizes of felt hearts and some buttons. Easy, right? No patterns, no instructions needed.

Easy for a little one to sew.

My little valentine helped tape these under our wall of love.

And yes, that's my simple sewing project that Maddie is standing on. I had an abundance of red felt this year (left over from a miscalculation on a Christmas project!) So I made a heart version of the pillow I talked about at Halloween here.

We also had some leftover space that seemed a little bare after our Christmas de-decorating. So we valentines-ed it up. Maddie used a bingo dabber on some paper hearts to help liven the place up.

It is still a good two weeks from Valentine's day, so I'm sure we'll be working on some more heart-themed stuff around here!

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