Thursday, February 14, 2013

You've Got Mail

Mail call!

In my family, Valentine's Day breakfast was always a little thrill. We would get up, get dressed and come downstairs to a special treat.

This year, I wanted to capture some of that magic for Maddie. I started by making her a mail bag. We actually each have one for the back of our chairs.

(Surprise, surprise, made out of felt.) As we get valentines they go right into the mailbox.

And speaking of Valentines, here they are! Maddie worked very hard on these "works of heart."

Sometimes I get a crafty project and get frustrated if Maddie wants to do it her own way. Rather than Pinterest and find some craft project, I went the easy route. I gave Maddie a bunch of white construction paper hearts and let her go to town.

Some she colored.

Some she painted.

But she really put her whole heart into it.

Then we glued each one onto a background of pink or red hearts.

This is my favorite-- personally addressed to "MOM".

Well, maybe this one, too, which I was told was a picture of a black cat, purple cat, yellow cat and red cat (please note the green eyes).

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