Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Global Warming

This February, I'm trying to teach Maddie a little bit more about hot/cold and freeze/melt. We started out really simply: making hot cocoa!

I gave Maddie a glass of chocolate milk and a mug of hot cocoa and then we discussed hot versus cold. While she already knows this concept, we don't always talk about it. Do marshmallows melt in chocolate milk? What is the steam above hot cocoa? Which one smells stronger?

Today we talked a little about frozen stuff and the Arctic Ocean.

I had frozen some plastic polar bears and animals (found at a party store) into a plastic container. Which apparently scared the heck out of my husband when he went into the freezer (clearly for M&Ms since thats the only thing he would possibly want in the freezer!) since he took this picture and posted it to Instagram with a Dexter hash tag.

I put the iceburg of animals into a big baking dish.

Then we played a bit. Could we get the animals out with just our hands? What if we banged it with a spoon?

Then we poured in warm water. I used luke warm water and showed what happened if we pour the water in one spot. We felt the warm water in the picture and then the water after it had been poured over the ice.

Then we tried to get the animals out again by hand and by spoon. Again the water worked wonders.

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