Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tunnel of Love

Two more valentine's decorations have graced our halls.

To decorate our super long hallway, Maddie and I made a little beaded curtain-style decoration.

Using construction paper hearts, we made strings of various sizes and hung them all the way down the hall.

A close up so you can see what we did. We used clear fishing line and just sewed a few big stitches.

Our other craft was a bit of science and a bit of my childhood. Melting crayons onto wax paper. Did you guys do this when you were kids?

Martha Stewart gives a pretty good step by step here.

Basically you cut two hearts out of wax paper. Sprinkle one heart with crayon shavings and then top it with another wax paper heart. Sandwich it between brown craft paper and iron the craft paper on low heat.

Then reveal! I really did this as part of my science experiment to show Maddie things that melt. It was a big hit!

Apparently, I will have more valentine decorations for you shortly because Maddie has informed me that her room is not decorated. She also asked me if I had enough yellow material to make Belle. That sounds like a craft challenge to me!

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