Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Senses, Part 4: Tasty!

Wow, this is long overdue! Back in November, I was teaching Maddie about the five senses. Then Christmas happened and I never got around to finishing. If you're keeping score, we've already learned about sight, hearing, smell and touch.
So that left the greatest sense of all- taste! And oh, the possibilities were endless.

We have an awesome grocery store called Wegmans that has a make-your-own granola bar. So we went through the bar, picking some things we loved and some we've never tried before.

Then we sort edit out.

Let the tasting begin!

As we tasted we started talking about how things taste. I started by giving an example of something salty and something sweet, and then asked if we could find other things that tasted similar.

We knew when we made that face that we had eaten something bitter or sour.

As we tried things out, we put like with like.

Until we had a little taste chart.

Then we mixed it all up and added some homemade granola for a somewhat healthy (mostly m&m) treat.

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