Saturday, January 19, 2013

Princess Day!

Those of you who have a little girl in your household probably know that it was Princess Week on Disney Junior last week. Confession: PBS has pretty much been replaced by Disney in this house. I'm a little sad about it. I HATE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I think it actually uneducates as you watch it. But Disney does have some cute and fun options. I'm fairly sure that Maddie could actual treat patients with the knowledge she's gotten from Doc McStuffins (I had no clue what that thing that doctors use to look in your ears was. It's an odoscope, folks.) or save the underwater sealife with a pirate accent (Octonauts have taught me all about snot sea cucumbers and so much more!)

So, yes, we watch Disney Junior and we were particularly interested in last week's special princess theme. They showed lots of princess movies including Cinderella III (a surprisingly good movie!) We were a little excited about all the offerings. Of course, we had to do something to celebrate.

Yes, we princessed it up as we prepared to watch Cinderella III.

A scrolled invitation...

A tea party...

And of course, a special princess dress. This beauty was my mother's confirmation dress and my play dress as a child. It's sadly disintegrating in my very hands, but it will survive one more princess. With a little bit of thread here and there.

Glass slippers, just what every princess needs.

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