Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Parenting Resolutions

My daughter is perfect. I am not. Far too often, I let time slip by for lack of planning or focus. That's why this year, I decided to have some resolutions for Maddie.

Not for her to do, but for me to do for her.

Resolutions for Maddie:

1. Concentrate on Focus. Oh, this child is exuberant. But now we're getting close to school age and it's time to learn when to settle down. One of the ways, we're going to get ready is a new Story Hour that we joined. And we'll be doing some story hours at home too.

2. Reduce technology time. Yeah, at said Story Hour, my daughter walked up to a kid and said, "Hi, my name is Maddie and I watch My Little Pony on Netflix everyday." To which I withheld saying "Don't tell people that! Tell them we only watch PBSKids!" But it's true, there are many times when Mommy just needs a break.

3. Do one big reading/writing project each month. Here's a pledge for you, blog readers. Supposedly, I'll blog about this activity each month. I'll be working a lot on pre-reading skills this year, so there may be bonus posts. I hope!

4. Make a Calming Jar. I love this idea from Pinterest and it would be good for my little one who sometimes gets frustrated.

5. Plan for some Physical Activity! It's so easy to expect kids to just run around and burn off energy. But sometimes that bouncing off the walls burn Maddie needs, just drives me crazy. So I'm going to try to harness that energy, by planning some activities ahead. That way when she's all crazy-like, she can do something physical but not so crazy... For me. And guess what, I'll try to blog those, too.

6. Create a Gem Jar. Another Pinterest idea for positive affirmation of little things. A great reward system!

7. Organize play areas. Christmas made me realize that we had outgrown our current toy storage system. A new one is coming soon! And while, we're at it... Time to start learning to clean up after ourselves. That one goes for both my children: Rob and Maddie... And maybe Mommy, too.

I hope to keep up posts for all of you, too. More science and craft projects to come. And I hope you like them as much as I like posting them!

Plus, a few more resolutions on Saturday...

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