Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A New Year - Salt Free!

There's something delightful about working at a school and having a fresh start twice a year. Even though I don't teach or have school-aged kids, I still find myself getting ready for the start of school with a handful of promises and plans.

Like this blog... I haven't really given it much attention this summer. And a part of me isn't really all that committed to it still, despite all those promises I have in mind. But I also am realizing that I've been a little too lax this summer. It's time to kick myself into gear.

That being said, an update. As I mentioned last month I gave up salt AND coffee. I've done amazingly well. I'm not really sure that I've seen any great benefits. But I feel vaguely more healthy, so I think I'll see how far I can stretch my independence. On Saturday, I'm going to show you just how independent I am. You'll get to see just what I've learned to do with salt. Bwahahaha!

Meanwhile, I think I shall share with you my "lesson plan". I am hoping to blog a science project every Wednesday and a craft project every Saturday. Plus tune in for randomness about my life on a completely irregular basis -- as all randomness requires.

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Literary Auntie said...

I love a new school year too, even though I have NOTHING to do with any schools!