Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Playing with Eggs

How many of you have seen the video about how to separate an egg using a plastic bottle? I was sent this link (see below) by a bunch of people and it turned out to be kind of a fun science experiment.

So we played with eggs. Lots of hand cleaning!

Maddie and have done a lot of baking and making egg salad, so she certainly knows about eggs. But I had never really explained eggs. So we took some time to observe. I pointed out yokes and whites. Then we tried to see how we could get the yoke out.

This was Maddie's favorite way.

We tried to see how to break the yolk and tested to see if we could pick it up without breaking it.

Then we tried this super neat trick:

The video is not in English but is easy to follow and easy to do. We used a clean coke bottle, which seemed to be a little to think. It worked, but the thickness of the bottle gave it too much suction and it sucked some of the whites up, too. A water bottle is definitely the way to go.

Then we talked about suction and how it's so "sucky" (I think it's important to introduce children to Elf as early as possible.)

Then we ran to the bathroom and cleaned up without touching anything. Fun and yucky!

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Katie said...

So fun! I hope I remember to be this creative with my kids!