Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting Salty

I LOVE salt. Seriously I used to buy the huge boxes of coarse salt a few times a year. So when I gave it up, I knew I had to get all that leftover salt out of my house.

A few web searches turned up a bunch of cute kiddie art projects that would make good use of my remaining salt collection.

Salt Art

It's very simple: add a few drops of dye to salt and mix (I mixed in a ziploc bag). Then let dry. I tried making secondary colors with the dry salt. The orange seemed to work ok, but green and purple, not so much.

Put glue on construction paper and sprinkle with salt. Then shake off excess.

I thought this one would be a pretty big hit, because Maddie loves glue and dyes. I underestimated her neatness. (She does not like to get her hands dirty. So dirty hand projects are usually short.)

Salt Dough:
You can find a million recipes for salt dough on line and it's a really fun thing to do.

Maddie hasn't been too excited about pre-reading activities, so I thought this would be a twist.

We made our dough.

Used cookie cutters to cut out our letters. (I had gotten these cutters from Amazon a few years back when Maddie's Sesame Street first birthday party was brought to you by the letter "M" and number "1". Everyone got cookies as favors.)

After we baked and cooled them, my little artist was able to decorate them with markers and glitter glue. She's been playing with them for the past month or so. (Shhh, I tossed them this morning as they were looking a little worse for wear.)

Salt Chalk

Do you remember doing this with sand when you were a kid?

It's a great tactile learning activity. Maddie loved the feel of the salt between her fingers.

Super easy: just pour salt on white paper and rub sidewalk chalk on it. Mix every so often, to get the color even. Then layer in a glass jar.

I still have more salt. So I may attempt another craft. Anybody got ideas?

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