Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quality Time

This weekend is all about catching up on some quality time with the fam. Rob's and my schedules are not always the most family-friendly. It seemed long past time we all took a moment.

Last night, Rob and I had date night. What started out as a simple dinner date, turned into a buying me a new iPhone date! Hooray! And then we stopped by a bookstore because this is how all our dates used to end.

Today was a Mommy/Maddy day and I wanted to make it a little special. So off to the Buffalo Science Museum we went.

This light table is awesome. There was actual discussion of whether this could be recreated at home. Uh, not by me... By other parents. But... Maybe.

Then we spent the rest of our time playing at the play-doh station. (The actual museum part not such a big hit. And when I tried to point out the pinnacle of the collection -- a really awesome Mycenaean amphora that is the earliest depiction of epic poetry-- well, Maddie told me to stop talking. Yeah, I don't really know why that vase is there either.)

Then we tried to make M&M cookies.

This is Maddie pretending to be sad when we discovered Daddy has been snacking on the M&Ms all week and we didn't have enough. (She really didn't care because there were enough for her to snack on.)

Then after dinner we went to Rob's work for a hot cocoa. Sadly we somehow missed seeing Rob who had to step out.
All in all a pretty fun day!

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