Saturday, September 15, 2012

Robot Revolution

Somebody should really tell new moms and dads that parenting is all about hoarding. I quickly figured out that there are 20,000 things you can do with toilet paper or paper towel rolls. I squirreled away any container I had, always knowing I would them one day.

So this morning I told Maddie we were making robots and we hopped into my stash of trash.

For this project I pulled out not only a bunch of cardboard rolls but also a supply of odd boxes, bottles and bags so Maddie could pick her robot parts.

We also needed tissue paper, construction paper and craft supplies for decorating.

Maddie chose an old (and clean) plastic produce container for her Robot's body.

Using an exacto knife I put two x's in the bottom and slipped in some rolls for legs. Then I repeated on the side for arms.

Meanwhile Maddie got to work on her robot decorations. Here she is practicing her cutting skills. She's very serious.

She wanted her robot to look like her. Success. After she was done using glitter glue, googly eyes and sparkly pompoms to decorate some paper, we glued them onto our robot body. We used a small plastic pint for the head. Hot gluing was required!

It was fun, so we made a robot friend (this time out of tissue box). Maddie calls them Mike and Sully.

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