Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quilts, quilts, quilts!

Yesterday, Maddie and I had a quiltastic day. We went to the Amherst Museum Quilt Guild's biennial show to see Maddie's Grandma and her work.

Not every almost-three-year-old can see her quilt on display! This is my Mom and Maddie in front of the quilt Mom made for when Maddie gets a big kid bed. Pretty cool, huh?

In honor of the quilt show, we did a little quilt-making of our own. This project allowed Maddie to play with scissors and glue, two of her favorite things.

Maddie cut up strips of paper (before deciding it was easier to delegate the cutting part to Mommy). Then she put glue on the back (and front and table).

I thought the big fun part would be gluing on cotton balls to look like batting, but turns out Maddie doesn't like getting glue on her fingers.

Here she is showing off her quilt. Wonder if it'll get Best in Show!

Today I think we'll put on the backing and get to the actual quilting part. We shall see!

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Net Ghost said...

What a gorgeous quilt!