Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An ocean in a bottle

I was really surprised the other day when Maddie walked up to me and said she wanted to swim in the ocean. I mean, it's not like we live anywhere near an ocean. She's certainly never seen one and I don't think I've ever really said that word to her.

But I had just seen this science experiment for little ones about an ocean in a bottle and it seemed a perfect moment.

You put water in a bottle, add food coloring to make it the color of the ocean (Maddie was a big fan of this this part!) Maddie had a great time showing her daddy all about it.

She showed him how the oil just sits on top.

And how if you make lots of waves, the oil and water still don't mix. So ultimately, we learned about the Exxon Valdez oil spill. But it was a pretty fun project.


Net Ghost said...

She might've seen the ocean when she came to our house. The main way to get to our house is on the ocean. But she might not remember, either.

Katie said...

Never a time like the present to start teaching our young ones about reality! That way they're not surprised when they're old enough to know the!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alexandra,
I love your blog. I read it every day.