Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Eggs

I took a vacation from my blog. Did you notice? It wasn't really intentional at first. My husband had mentioned recently that maybe I am so busy taking photos of things for my blog that I don't really take the time to enjoy them. Now the truth is, I blog about activities and Maddie-related things because it's a good way for me to record and plan for things. It's motivation to get up off the couch and get active. Because let's face facts, Sesame Street is only educational to a point. And that point is when your daughter is using it to scout musical talent.

So here's what happened while I was gone:

I dragged my Mom along to Niagara Falls to the Conservatory again because we jumped the gun earlier in the season and missed out on the Easter flowers. Luckily we got to see chicks and bunnies too!

We also headed to Kelly's Country Story to see the Easter Bunny (sadly all my pictures are fuzzy). As it turns out, Maddie likes the Easter Bunny a whole lot more than she likes Santa. Not only did she not cry hysterically, she sat next to the bunny and shook his hand. Maybe it's because he leaves her candy. Also no pictures of Maddie when she wakes up from her nap saying, "Mom, I NEED some CAAAAAANNNNDDDDYYY!"

Easter was lovely! We enjoyed some nice sunny weather and Maddie got to wear my old dress and coat from when I was little. And we tortured her by making her look into the sun while standing in the dirt by the flowers just like my mom did to me when I was little. That's what I call a happy Easter.

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