Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pomegranate pancakes

**warning, these photos do no justice!

This morning I tried to make Ashley's (from Under the Sycamore) Buttermilk Pancakes. At the same time, I decided to show Maddie something new: a pomegranate.

Maddie often asks us what we need so she can write a shopping list. I like to give her fun food words to write and pomegranate is a popular one. Lo and behold they were on sale the other day, so I grab one. I cut it open to show Maddie and she had the brilliant idea of adding it to our pancake batter. Healthy and delicious!

How's this for added nutritional value, we not only had pomegranate in our pancakes, but I was out of eggs, so I added applesauce (and just bumped up the baking soda and powder).

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Net Ghost said...

Clearly we're on the same wave-length. Annie was introduced to the pomegranate this weekend too. :) She loved it.