Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas Wreath

Warning: this is the easiest Christmas project ever.

I wanted to do a few little Christmas decorations for Maddie's room, but then realized that things taped on walls can seem awfully weird in the middle of the night to a toddler with night terror issues. So I decided to keep it simple and make a wreath for her door. Voila:

I was inspired by a wreath I saw in the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens. (I searched their site to find something to link to, but nada so just buy the magazine... Or do this.)

I used a giant spool of gift wrap ribbon in white and started tying 6 inch strips (a little Elf humor for you!) to my embroidery hoop, clustering them along the way. I curled them in small groups to avoid confusion with all those ribbons.

This was the part where I had lots of helpers. See?

In the end Maddie approved.

How about a close-up of that cute face:

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I added a little red bow at the bottom and hung it with red ribbon on the back of her door (nicely out-of-sight from her crib. Phew!)

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