Saturday, December 3, 2011

Raising a reader

I saw this article in Parents Magazine this month on raising a reader and thought I would pass it along. It's an article on how to teach your child to enjoy reading, and here's Maddie reading.

(The picture on the left is what happened when I said, "Smile, Maddie!")

I know what you're thinking: "I hate those moms who brag about how great there kid is at everything!" Well, I'm going to brag about how great Maddie is about something. Maddie is a GREAT shopper.

Because though you really thought these pictures were about Maddie's amazing reading abilities, if you look closely you'll see what Maddie really does is flip over all the books to the back page where most books show other books by the same author. Then she points to each one and says "I buy that one, I buy that one, I buy that one."

(Of course, while you're looking closely, you'll also notice that I let Maddie put stickers on the wall. Some battles are just too hard to fight.)

And then Maddie likes to toss the books into a big pile. She does this with a great deal of style.


Mary said...

Hi lovely, I am an avid follower of yours and I love your blog! so I would like to extent the olive branch and offer you this opportunity:

Happy Decemember!
Mary from

Jackie J said...

I love this! She is looking so grown up in this blog post. Gotta love a reader.