Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Splish Splash

Oh, I swore I wouldn't do this -- because someday, Maddie will be googling her name like we all do when we are bored (fess up, you've done it. Mine comes up with an assignment from a syllabus for a course title Magic and the Supernatural that I signed up for only to kiss up to a professor who had to sign off on my major and an exhibition at the Albright that I helped with) and she'll find pictures of herself, naked and getting ready for a bath. But I haven't blogged in a while and seriously she's just so darn cute when she's completely traumatized.

Plus she is quite modest in this picture. Please note how she is grasping onto her pacifier as though it is her life preserver and the waters will shortly suck her under.

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Literary Auntie said...

Kids are here to be embarrassed! There are a TON of stories on the internet to one day embarrass my assorted nieces and nephews. I made sure of it.