Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Many Moods of Mad

It's been pretty obvious to me that Madeleine Gayle is most certainly a Fussell. See the resemblance?


Fuzzy Jr.

Green Fuzzy (to the right of Fuzzy Jr. in case that isn't obvious).

Little Fussy or as we like to call her: Fuss-Fuss

And here's why:

The Adjustment Period

And barely 2 minutes later:

The Adjustment Period Part II

Sadly, the adjustment period phase seems to be nearing an end or at least becoming more mild as time goes by. It was surprisingly hard to catch one on video. And now Fuss-fuss has a different reaction when she wakes up: Smiles.

Of course today, Fuss-Fuss has a good reason for her fussing. She still has a fuss going on from all her shots yesterday. She has had a smidgen of a fever here and there but mostly she's just kind of fussy. She really just wants to be held and she keeps crying or whimpering in her sleep. Maybe she's having nightmares about a nurse and doctor coming at her with needles. Of course, while most babies have a diminished appetite for a day or so after shots, Fuss-Fuss has been ravenous. But then again, this is her grandpa. Fuzzy. So yeah. Oh, and I just checked Maddie's horoscope for today: This is a very emotional time for you. There's a need to be nurtured and cared for and to share this experience with another person. Women in particular are a focus for this; your home and family environment, as well. Food may seem more important to you than ever before as you try to compensate for the lack of some emotional bond. So yeah.

That's our family. And I'm the only normal one:
A Fuss with Fuss-Fuss

Postscript: Sadly as I was searching for pictures for this blog, I discovered we really don't have many pictures of Rob's Dad. This is in fact pretty much it, except this family photo:
That's Rob to the left next to his dad, Fuzzy's second wife Hilda, Aunt Kakie, Gretchen and Joey.

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