Monday, August 17, 2009

Our "Weekend"

For many years, Rob has had weird schedules that rarely allow him a weekend off. Now that Rob is in charge of doing the scheduling, he's able to take off a weekend day -- just one sadly. But that's because he has to work 6 days a week. So that one day off feels like a whole weekend to us, and hey, we'll take it.

Yesterday was our weekend day -- and I took advantage of it to run errands and do some cooking, which meant that Maddie and her Dad spent some quality time together. See?

No, just kidding... Here's what really happened:

Maddie went with Daddy to get the paper -- turned out we didn't have one. Oops. But she really enjoyed walking with Daddy.

Then Maddie got to play on her new activity mat, which is an "Ocean Adventure."

Please note, Maddie's favorite playmat toy is ... an Octopus. No coaching was required.

She smiled and laughed and had a good time.

And then she fell asleep.

Of course there was also lots of this:

But vertically.

I also was thinking a lot of my friend Melisa, who is waiting for her baby to arrive any day now. I am so excited for her and her husband -- mostly because I know how wonderful it's going to be for them, but also because how cool is it that we can be Moms together? And she's having a girl too, so another playmate for Maddie (don't worry, Mela, I won't let Maddie kick your daughter in the knee). And I was thinking about her wedding, where her future-brother-in-law went around taking video of people giving the newlyweds advice. I must say, I hated what I said on that video -- I don't even think it made sense. And what I would tell them now is this:

I once read this article that said the more you look at someone the more you love them. So every time I'm having one of those days, when everything is frustrating and annoying and flustering, I remind myself of that article, and take a moment to just look at Rob. I mean really look at him. And when I do, I remember what it felt like the first day I saw him, and every wonderful day since -- and I remember how very much I love him. Then all of the bad stuff of the day just goes away. So my advice to you is to remember to just look at your husband, really look at him. That way, you'll always be in love.

Then I was thinking that if I had given that advice, it still wouldn't be enough to explain what an amazing, wonderful, fascinating voyage you are about to embark upon. No advice necessary, just happiness for you both.

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