Friday, February 17, 2012

That's it

Maybe it's the unpredictable weather. Maybe it's our crazy schedules. Or maybe just maybe two-and-a-half is the age when your house implodes, but I've had it.

I wonder how often you loyal readers notice that my house is always a mess in pictures. Like this one:

(That's my mountain of craft projects by the fan.)

Or this one:

(or this one with stickers everywhere and cords dragged across the floor.)

Ugh, we pick up everyday and I do a thorough cleaning every Wednesday. But that cleaning seems to be taking longer and longer. In addition to the changes in Maddie's toys (more things with smaller pieces!), we just seem to have hit a point where everything needs reorganizing.

I'm not really a person who ever has a finished look to my home. I just never seem to have any budget for decorating, but I could certainly stand to pull it together.

Even though winter has just now reached us, I'm deeming it Spring Cleaning season. Have you ever heard of Clover Lane's 40 Bags in 40 days? Oh, I am tempted. Seriously tempted.

While I'm not sure how much I'll purge, I will be organizing and cleaning. Here's my first draft of my list:

I'm going to be busy all season long. But if I can open my kitchen drawer without cursing, it will all be worth it. Guess I need to add kitchen drawers to that list.

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