Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Day In My Life

I recently encouraged a friend of mine to write a day in the life post. Then it dawned on me that I've never done one and it might be interesting to look back on some day. No time like the present, right?

6:50 am - After a pretty rocky night of sleep (staying up late and then Maddie waking up and not going back to sleep until 1 am!), I hear faint calls of "Moooommmy!" But it's hot in our apartment and I'm pretty awake by that time, so I get up and get Maddie. This would be an unusual part of our day -- usually Rob is the morning shift and is up way earlier than I am, but I woke him up at 1 am to take a Maddie shift and be the "cooler" (Don't know that term? You should really watch Las Vegas.)

7 ish - Maddie heads to the couch with her nu-nu and duck and kitty. She may be up but she's not really raring to go.

7:50 am - I head to the kitchen make breakfast. Maddie takes this as her cue to sit at the dining room table, despite no food being ready yet. Breakfast is simple and pretty routine: oatmeal, banana, strawberries and cheerios with milk. I just eat the cereal and some banana. Then we play the vitamin game. Maddie loves her princess vitamins, but she likes to know what princess the vitamin is and Rob and I just can't tell. Last week Rob told her to guess which princess and she said, "Miko!" so that what we've been going with. Today she asks for Jasmine and then makes me try to explain where Jasmine's face is on this completely indistinguishable lump of gummy.

8:30 am - After spilling coffee on a quilt (don't worry Mom, I got it out) and Rob and myself, it's time to get dressed. Rob's on his way to work and I get the joy of unveiling my latest craft project for Maddie - her new play house. I play with Maddie for a while (surely, this is exercise, right? I'm crawling underneath a table navigating table legs and tight spaces while developing a crink in my neck... that counts!) I photograph for a blog post about the house while she somehow finds a million things to use to "decorate" or as she says "bring to work" -- she keeps calling the house her carriage.

9 am - While Maddie's occupied I've spent a chunk of time on the phone with India trying to get a credit that I richly deserve and made a few work calls. Maddie pretty much plays in the house until lunchtime.

11 am - I tell Maddie I'm about to start lunch -- she runs to the table to sit and wait for me. I put on Sid the Science Kid, one of her favorite tv shows. She's acting a little moody and huggy because she didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I tell her I'm making hot dogs for lunch. She says no. Hmmmmm... grocery day is on Saturday, not too many options around.... I boil some eggs, and pull a chair to the counter so Maddie can help me make egg salad. She LOVES to work the baby mill and mix in the mayo and mustard. Lunch is a success, but I can see we're taking an early nap.

11:30 am - We head back to the living room where Maddie begins to color. Sadly, I'll spend much of the day with my iPhone in hand, checking emails and doing things for work. Maddie colors one picture, and then cuddles up next to me. We head right into a nap (I think it took me five minutes to get her to fall asleep.)

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