Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Starting the Day

It seems like over the past two days everyone has been commenting on how poorly they have been sleeping and how tired they are. I haven't noticed any difference at all. I mean, hey, I'm tired (of course, I am that's what babies are for), but it's like normal tired. Yesterday Rob came home from work and we discussed how we were "end of the day tired" as opposed to "oh, dear God, I'm exhausted tired." But then today I woke up and just felt totally out of it -- and Maddie slept her same normal 1 feeding per night schedule. Rob did wake me up with Maddie though, by which I mean he carried her in and put her eye level with my face and they both stood there staring at me until I woke up. It was pretty cute, but strangely reminiscent of what Kramer used to do each morning.

I tried to start my day several times this morning. 7:30 am, coffee no cream, sat down to write while Maddie napped. 8:30 am, did yoga -- felt clearly refreshed and prepared to actually be productive. 9:00 am lost all initiative. BUT I have just decanted the cold-brew coffee and I am feeling strangely positive that this, 3:30 pm, could be a good start to the day. Maddie is now waking up from her afternoon nap, so perhaps we will start the day together.

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