Sunday, July 26, 2009

Okay here is the real thing...

Yes, so Madeleine really was baptized yesterday. Mom has more pictures of the actual baptism than I do, but I will post this one which is my favorite:

That's Maddie getting ready for the party after the baptism. And we did have lots of special people who we are lucky were able to attend! Including friends from far and near.

Here's Aunt Dode and Maddie's Great Grandma.

And Pat who's visiting these past two weeks from Texas.

This is Maddie's godfather, Tom, and Katie showing off Maddie's ballerina toes.

And here is Maddie's godmother Aunt Nanny and Uncle Chris.

Rob's sister Natalie and her husband Chris have been visiting us this weekend. They arrived on Thursday night and got to see Maddie just briefly before she fell asleep (and Natalie got to be spit up on!)

They brought Maddie an awesome present -- a substitute dad that they made for her at FAO Schwartz. See the resemblance?

On Friday, Natalie and Chris hung out with Maddie and I while Rob was at work. We actually went to Spot, but not Rob's store. And then we went to the Albright Knox in the afternoon. Then today, we went to Niagara Falls. After an hour at customs, we had lunch at the Fallsview Restaurant and took some pictures of Maddie by the Falls. Which is good because she would never know she even left the house, since she slept the WHOLE time.


Net Ghost said...

I love the substitute dad! He also looks surprisingly like Bert from Sesame Street. The doll, I mean. :)

I assume Maddie didn't get detained at the border coming back from Canada? If so, I know a good immigration lawyer you can call. ;)

Maddie looks adorable and that baptismal gown is beautiful.

Sarah K said...

i think it's great that rob is expanding into ventriloquism. it's good to have a broader range.

i like the first pic "PRAISE JESUS!"